About Computer Central

How Computer Central Got Started

Computer Central has a different approach to everything we do, including the way our company was started. We opened our doors in March 1, 2017 after one of our Co-founders, Joseph Maggio who had been working for another IT Support company for the last 7 years, finally made the leap after being influenced by our other Co-founder, Michele Maggio along with some of his amazing clients from that other company.  For the last 5 years there were 3 clients that consistantly reminded Joseph that he needed to invest in himself and open his own IT support company. Those amazing clients and 7 other clients all decided to support Joseph, by becoming our first official clients when we eventually decided to open Computer Central. After Michele had been diagnosed with a rare kidney disease called FSGS it was time to open our doors to allow Joseph to continue to support his clients while putting his family first by creating a flexible schedule. So we decided to offer a exclusive IT Managed Services to a small group of exclusive local businesses by creating a partnership with these companies. 

Our Specialty

At Computer Central, our specialty is Fully Manged IT Support. Our in house Tech Guru will oversee and maintain your company’s IT infrastructure and network, in essence Joseph Maggio will become your Virtual Chief Technology Officer. We will oversee the security of your companies computer network and monitor your computers, servers, printers, network switches, firewalls, routers, access points, online services, backups and much more. Our belief is that no two companies are identical and that is why we customise IT services for each client. We provide and sell Microsoft 365 services, we are certified sales agents for internet services in the area. Anything server realted is our specialty and our techs enjoy fighting cybercriminals and keeping them out of your network. Over the years we have become well versed in developing automated solutions to help companies to become more productive. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us to see what we  can do to help streamline your business.

Meet Our Team

Michele Maggio

Co-Founder/Management Guru

Michele is the backbone of the Computer Central team. She ensures that everything within our organization runs smoothly. She ensures that all of your billing is accurate and correct. If a service ticket is nearing our threshold for resolution she jumps into action making sure that our Tech Guru gets your issue resolved or has him follow up with you to ensure you that we are working on it. When Michele is not too busy making sure that our office is running smoothly or making sure that your bill is accurate, she is most likely spending time with her father Joseph or her amazing husband Joe. Joseph had a stroke in July of 2017 that changed this whole families views on life. So we spend as much time together as possible and savor every moment that we have together. 

Joe Maggio

Co-Founder/Tech Guru

A seasoned IT Support Consultant that specializes in supporting SMBs in the Central Florida area. Over the years Joseph has consulted for Hewlett Packard, JP Morgan & Chase, Qorvo, SAP, and the Orange County Convention Center just to name a few. He specializes in all phases of IT Support, but truly has a passion for Cybersecurity. There is no greater rush than knowing that you have prevented an attack against a network attack. System Automation is another area of expertise that Joe is passionate about. When he is not looking after your IT infrastructure Joe enjoys spending time with his wife Michele, his father-in-law Joseph, and his father Peter. Joe and Michele have stepped in to help both of their fathers who are both in their “Golden Years”. When we aren’t doing that you may find Joe, Pete, and Joseph out on the lake trying to reel in a big fish.  

Joseph Moscowitz

In House Mentor/ Computer Genius

Joseph has been in the IT industry since 1970. He started his career by providing support to companies like Union Carbide Corporation, IBM, Reader’s Digest, and Bristol Myers. Joseph is an experienced computer programmer who has written many programs throughout his years in multiple different programming languages. Before Computer Central, Joseph was the Sr. Manager Of List Operations at Charter Communications corporate office in Stamford, CT . As the Senior Manager, Joseph would oversee the department that generates the mailing lists that promotions will be sent to. Every mailing list is based off of flows of tens of thousands of names and addresses. In 2017 Joseph had a stroke that caused him to have to retire from Charter. Now he enjoys his days by spending time with his daughter Michele and son-in-law Joe. Our Tech Guru consults with Joseph on a regular basis for the services we offer and holds his opinion in the highest regard. After all Joseph is the one who was the strongest influence our Co-Founder Joe Maggio, to get out of construction and into the Technology industry. Look out for Joseph on his cherry red scooter or you may see him out on the lake with his son-in-law Joe trying to hook his next big fish.