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24/7 monitoring & Maintenance

At Computer Central think of us as your own internal IT Department that you get to keep in your front pocket. We are always watching your network for any problems and always doing maintenance to ensure that your computer systems are working their very best for you. In the event that a problem arises with one of your systems you can contact us for help right away by pushing the Computer Central Support button that we provided you with.


Keeping Your Network Safe

We belong to multiple cybersecurity groups. We are not only informed by leading industry experts of new threats on a daily basis but we are also updated immediately by CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency). Every client of ours that we resolved a ransomware attack for has stayed threat free with us overseeing their networks. Network Security is crucial to keeping your business protected against cyber threats. The average ransomware attack cost the company $1.85 Million in 2021, at those prices you cannot afford not to have your network maintained by our Cybersecurity Engineers. 


Save Time, Money & Resources

Our goal with Computer Central is to save your company precious time, money, and resources by Managing your computer systems for you. This frees up yourself and any employees to focus on day to day operations of your business. By freeing up yourself and your companies resources we will reduce your bottom line by providing your company with their own IT department for a set monthly fee.

Computer Central Managed IT Services system

Computer Central’s Managed IT Services are part of a complex system that utilizes all of the latest and greatest tools available to identify, resolve, and protect your computers against today’s Cybersecurity Threats. Our staff are experts in ensuring that your computer systems are running in a secure and efficient manner. As part of this system you can notify us that you need help in the simple push of a button. 

This system will dramatically increase your efficiency & provide you with more time to focus on day to day operations rather than trying to resolve computer problems.

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CyberSecurity Threats Prevented Daily


Priority Business Support

As a Computer Central Managed IT Support Partner you will receive priority support. This means that if you contact us for support and an unmanaged client submit a support request at the same time your request will receive priority as a Managed Client. At Computer Central we only focus on Small to Mid-Sized Businesses, as a Managed Client you will have a dedicated account manager, meaning you will always have the same support representative dedicated to your account. As a Managed Client you get an added perk for you and your staff. As an added benefit they can get the same expert support at home as they do at work. 

Computer Central provides IT support remotely over the internet for everything that can be done remotely. Generally the only time we require an onsite service call is if your internet is out or their is a hardware problem preventing your system from powering on. If you are a Managed IT Customer all you need to do is push the Computer Central Help button on your desk. Once we receive the request we will contact you to see if it is a good time for us to remotely access your computer to resolve your problem. 

By providing support remotely we are able to address your issues as soon as possible rather than waiting for a technician to come to you. In the event that all of our technicians are busy at the moment you will go into our support queue in the order that your request was received. If you prefer an onsite appointment you may request one. 

As a result of COVID-19 protocols and precautions If your staff needs to work remotely we can set that up for you in a secure manner. 

A Bigger Vision

Computer Central’s Managed IT Support is a much larger vision than traditional IT Support. As a Managed Client your account manager will work with you to ensure that you are on track with exactly where you would like to bring your company to from a technology standpoint. Don’t look at us as just IT Support for your company. We value our technology partnerships and view ourselves as an extension of your company so utilize us the way that you do all of your internal staff. 

Upon agreeing to a partnership with Computer Central we will work with your staff on a daily basis to see if there is anything we can do to make their job functions easier from a technology standpoint. For instance we have some clients that have specific vendors that they work with and these vendors work with multiple people throughout the company. For these clients we have setup solutions to ensure that they never miss an email from these vendors. 

As a partner we will go over your ideas with you and have a brainstorming session taking your ideas and implementing them in a secure and efficient way.  Once we have implemented these new solutions we will cross-train your internal staff on how to use these solutions. 

Request a remote support session

Requesting a remote support session has never been easier. So if you are in need of help just go click on the remote support button shown here and give us a call at 352-314-3855 to be connected with a technician.