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At Computer Central, we serve as your internal IT department, constantly monitoring your network and performing regular maintenance to ensure your computer systems are running at their best. If an issue arises, simply push the Computer Central Support button to contact our responsive team of experts. With us, you can rest assured that you have reliable IT support at your fingertips.


Keeping Your Network Safe

It’s worth noting that we are members of multiple cybersecurity groups, which allows us to stay informed about new threats on a daily basis. In addition, we receive immediate updates from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Our track record speaks for itself: every client for whom we’ve resolved a ransomware attack has remained threat-free under our network supervision. This underscores the importance of prioritizing network security to protect your business against cyber threats. In fact, the average cost of a ransomware attack on a company in 2021 was $1.85 Million. Given these costs, it’s clear that not having your network maintained by our Cybersecurity Engineers is simply not affordable.


Save Time, Money & Resources

At Computer Central, we aim to assist your company in saving time, money, and resources by skillfully managing your computer systems. This enables you and your team to concentrate on the daily operations of your business. By outsourcing your IT requirements to us, we can provide you with your own IT department at a fixed monthly charge, which will eventually lead to a decrease in your overall expenditure. Allow us to optimize your systems and simplify your processes for maximum efficiency and productivity. In summary, by partnering with us, you can benefit from expert IT management while focusing on growing your business.

Computer Central Managed IT Services system

Computer Central offers Managed IT Services that provide a complete system to detect, prevent, and resolve cybersecurity threats by using state-of-the-art tools. Our team of experts ensures that your computer systems are secure and efficient. You can request assistance from us with just one click. So, if you want to learn more about our Managed IT Services, please contact us today.

By implementing this system, you can improve productivity and free up time. As a result, you can focus on core business operations instead of troubleshooting computer issues. Additionally, this solution can optimize your workflow and increase efficiency. All of these benefits can lead to better results for your business.

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Priority Business Support

As a Managed IT Support Partner with Computer Central, your support requests will receive top priority over unmanaged clients. Our team specializes in providing efficient IT support services to small and mid-sized businesses. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will always be available to assist you. Moreover, you and your staff will enjoy the added benefit of receiving expert support at home.

For most issues, we provide remote IT support over the Internet. In the event of an internet outage or hardware problem preventing your system from turning on, onsite service calls may be necessary. However, our Managed IT Customers can easily access our support by pushing the Computer Central Help button on their desk. We will then remotely access their computer to resolve the issue, which helps us to address issues as quickly as possible and avoid the need for a technician to come onsite.

If our technicians are busy, your support request will go into our queue and will be addressed in the order it was received. However, if you prefer an onsite appointment, you can always request one. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to become a Managed IT Support Partner and enjoy the benefits of priority support and dedicated account management.

A Bigger Vision

Computer Central’s Managed IT Support goes beyond traditional IT Support. When you partner with us, you get an account manager who works with you to align your company’s technology with your vision. We don’t just provide IT support; we value our partnerships and see ourselves as an extension of your company. Our team optimizes your staff’s job functions from a technology standpoint. For example, we have implemented solutions for clients who work with specific vendors to ensure they never miss an email. We brainstorm with you to implement your ideas securely and efficiently, and cross-train your staff on the new solutions we implement. Choose Computer Central for Managed IT Support that goes beyond the basics.

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Requesting a remote support session has never been easier. So if you are in need of help just go click on the remote support button shown here and give us a call at 352-314-3855 to be connected with a technician.