Our Approach To Managed IT Support

Security First

Security First

IT Support Based On Security To Keep Your  Network Safe

At Computer Central we focus on security first. We have shaped our Managed Services division a little differently than most IT companies out there. We do not just utilize a single tool that gives us a 360 degree overview of your computer network because there is no single tool out there that accomplishes this task thoroughly enough to keep your computer network completely secure today. So in our “Technology Management Services Software Stack” we utilize about 12 different tools that all work in conjunction with each other that not only keep your systems running at peak performance but also ensures that your network is safe from security threats. In the RARE EVENT that a security risk is identified we are immediately notified of it and have our team of Cybersecurity engineers remediate that threat as soon as we are notified of it (Generally these security events are completely resolved before you even notice a difference on the computer systems NOW THAT’S WHAT YOU CALL PRO-ACTIVE IT SUPPORT). 


We don’t just support computer systems and networks but we design and deploy comprehensive productive computer networks. Our Founder, Joseph Maggio will come out to your office and meet with you to discuss what you feel your business needs are and brainstorm with you to develop a network that works best for your business. Every business is different so there is no generic plug and play network that we implement. We want to build a network for you that works for your business and is suited for your business. Not every business needs a complexed network and not every business can operate off of a simple network. So let our specialists come in and design a network for you that will power your business for many years providing you with room to grow.

Monitor & Maintain

The Computer Central Pro-Active Monitoring Agent that is installed on the networks of our Managed Clients monitors the network 24 Hours Per Day 7 Days a week 365 Days per year with no holidays or days off. Not only does the software allow us to monitor problems it also allows us to maintain your computers ensuring that they are always up to date and running at peak performance. Computer Central Engineers are notified in real time as problems occur or predicted problems are detected. If you need to request a support request you can call us, use the create service ticket command built in to the monitoring software, or send an email to our automated ticketing system. You can obtain this email address from your account manager.

Prevent & Protect

We secure your networks against the latest cyberthreats by providing you with the best security stack available. We implement Endpoint Security For your servers and workstations, An enterprise grade firewall, Email security to protect your network against SPAM, Phishing attacks, and domain spoofing, We implement a Backup Policy that Backs up an encrypted copy all of your company’s information as frequently as every 15 minutes (That can be restored instantly as a virtual server to keep you working while we resolve the issue). Our Cybersecurity stack has been put to the test over and over again. Don’t take our word for it visit our Youtube Channel and see what the past part of Computer Central (Our Real Clients) have to say about our managed security services.

Support & Implement

Computer Central’s main goal is to remove technology issues from your daily tasks as an organization. We’re here to support your staff on a daily basis to ensure that when they run into computer issues it doesn’t have to stop productivity. Rather than having staff google problems and try to fix them yourselves put Computer Central  in your front pocket that you can call on that can resolve issues for you immediately. We are also here to brainstorm with as far as technology solutions that may make your staff more productive allowing them to save time on day to day activities that can possibly be streamlined. We want you to think of us as your Technology Travel Agent, all you need to do is tell us where you want to go and we will get you there by working together with you until we develop a plan that works for everyone.

Partner Benefits

As a fully managed partner your company will enjoy the following benefits:

  •  Remote Support (Same Day Service)
  • Onsite Support (Next Business Day Or Sooner)
  • Managed Security Services (We Secure Your Computers, Your Network, Your Email and more)
  • Managed Backup Services (Backup Service, Testing, & Data Retention)
  • Managed Updates (We Keep Your System Up To Date Ensuring It Has All The Latest Security Updates)
  • Maintenance (Regularly performed system maintenance to keep your company’s equipment running smooth)
  • Vendor Management (We speak tech… We will deal with the vendors and translate the “GEEK SPEAK” into English for your staff)
  • Consulting Services (Take full advantage of our experience and expertise by brainstorming with us on what we can do to make your daily tasks easier and faster to accomplish)


What Our Clients Think

We don’t want you to just take our word for it find out what our clients have to say about us. After all like we always say “OUR CLIENTS ARE THE BEST PART OF COMPUTER CENTRAL” (There are more reviews on our YouTube channel.