What You Get With Remote+ Managed Services

With Remote+ Managed Services you are getting in on our remote Management & Maintenance Plan. This plan does have some minimum requirements to get you going. You are required to have your server monitored, you are required to have a third-party email security software in place or use one of our preferred email security providers, you are required to use our endpoint protection security suite on all network computers, and you must monitor all your network computers. Now that we got that part out of the way Remote+ is fully customizable to include as many additional options as you can think of. With Remote+ we will secure your network to provide you with piece of mind that you have the best security services in place being monitored by Computer Central. So, what we do on the back end is implement security solutions to prevent cyber-attacks against your business. As part of our managed security process, we have a portal that we log in to that gives us a bird’s eye view of your entire computer network with access to see where attacks were attempted and how well our security software has kept your company protected. That is not all that we do though. We are here as your remote IT department. We maintain the security and performance of your computer systems and are here for you to utilize our expertise. Any issue that you encounter during Normal business hours that can be resolved remotely without requiring an onsite service call are included in the Fix Monthly Fee for support services (A Savings Of $110 Per Hour). As a Managed Partner your onsite services will be charged at our partner rate (A Savings Of $25 Per Hour).

Available options

  • Server Monitoring (Required)
  • Endpoint Protection (Required)
  • Networking Equipment Monitoring (Required)
  • Offsite Backup (Add-On)
  • Microsoft 365 Services (Add-On)
  • Microsoft 365 Administration (Add-on)
  • Backup Management (Included)
  • Password Management (Add-On)
  • Onsite Support Packages (Add-On)
  • Remote Support Packages (Included)
  • Remote Consulting Services (Included)
  • Identity Monitoring (Add-On)